Housing Aide

Personalized Housing Aide (ALS)

You may qualify, depending on your income.

How to get more information ?

The ALS is paid to the landlord
The amount will be paid directly to REEFLEX and will be deducted from the monthly rent charged by REEFLEX. You will only have to pay the difference.

Please note, there is no ALS aide the first month in which you occupy the apartment, and the last month of your rent contract have to be a full paid month to benefit of this aide.

How do you apply ?

  • On the CAF website, download the housing aide application form.
  • Submit your application (attestation de loyer, CERFA 10842*07) to the residence hall reception.
  • REEFLEX will return you this form after completing it, then you will have to send it with all the requested documents to the CAF office.