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Need help for the rent?

You may meet the criteria to qualify for financial aide to pay for your rent and be assigned the state as guarantor, which makes you exempt from deposit. Please read carefully.

Personalized Housing Aide (APL)

You may qualify, depending on your income.

How to get more information ?

The APL is paid to the landlord.
The amount will be paid directly to REEFLEX and will thus be deducted from the monthly rent charged by REEFLEX. You will only have to pay the difference. Please note, there is no ALS aide the first month in which you occupy the apartment, and the length of your rental must be greater than or equal to 8 months.

How do you apply ?

1. On the CAF website, download the housing aide application form.
2. Submit your application to the residence hall reception.

If you have any trouble putting together your paperwork, REEFLEX can help!