Rates and Reservations

How much does it cost ?

The rent is charged on a monthly basis.

Appartment size 16m² or 18m² 23m²
1 person €394 €452
1 person + 1 guest €424    (only possible in 18m2) €482

Please note, each apartment's individual water and electricity meters are read montly. Consuming more than what is included in the room rate will result in additional charges.

Visit your apartment

*Your guest is welcome ! What you need to know

You should declare his or her presence to REEFLEX. The lease is established under only one individual's name. For an 18m² or 23m² apartment, there is an additional monthly fee. Your apartment is then outfitted with an extra mattress and you are given a second electronic key.

How do you reserve your stay ?

Please download and file the 3 following forms, and sent all to REEFLEX :

- Two copies of the lease, fully completed, initialed on all pages and signed,
- Two copies each of the Residence Hall Regulations, initialed on all pages and signed (documents available soon),
- one copie of "joint & several guarantee", completed and sign with a photocopy of the guarantor's identity card,
- Payment of one month's rent as security deposit and the Membership support to the Reeflex association (30 €).

Certificate of insurance for rental risk and civil responsability and the first month rent will be request on arrival.


You can also have more detail by mail : reeflex@univ-lille.fr