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REEFLEX, your new french address !

You're an international exchange student at the University of Lille and you're looking for a place to stay ?

REEFLEX offers 239 furnished 16/18 m2 apartments. From time to time, accommodations may also be available for other students.

Your Furnished Apartment



Each apartment includes
- Kitchenette equipped with 2 hotplates, a refrigerator, microwave, cupboard, and a small kit of dishes,
- Shower,
- Storage space,
- Furniture to suit your needs,
- Wireless internet.

Paying Amenities
- Bedding set : 1 pillow and 1 blanket + 2 sheets and 1 pillowcase changed every week,
- Towel set : 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel and 1 bath mat changed every week.

Wif connection
For scholars and students (national or international) : eduroam (secured wifi)
All resident belonging to a member of the eduroam community can connect to the wifi Reeflex without asking local account.

How to set up your computer before coming to Reeflex ?

Sounds good to you ?

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