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REEFLEX, your new french address !

You're an international exchange student at the University of Lille and you're looking for a place to stay ?

REEFLEX offers 239 furnished 16/18 m2 apartments. From time to time, accommodations may also be available for other students.

Your Furnished Apartment



Each apartment includes
- Kitchenette equipped with 2 hotplates, a refrigerator, microwave, cupboard, and a small kit of dishes,
- Shower,
- Storage space,
- Furniture to suit your needs,
- Wireless internet.

Paying Amenities
- Bedding set : 1 pillow and 1 blanket + 2 sheets and 1 pillowcase changed every week,
- Towel set : 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel and 1 bath mat changed every week.

Wif connection
For scholars and students (national or international) : eduroam (secured wifi)
All resident belonging to a member of the eduroam community can connect to the wifi Reeflex without asking local account. The access to Eduroam should be preferred to that of edupost, because of its wider and more secured access to the internet, while edupost enables an access only to the web and the email.

How to set up your computer before coming to Reeflex ?

Sounds good to you ?

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